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Venezuela’s Suffer Under It’s Socialized Healthcare System

As many of us know, the recent crash in global oil prices has affected many countries around the world. In Venezuela’s case, oil accounts for about 95% of its exports. Due to this the country has experienced a hard-currency shortage that makes it very difficult for the country to acquire imported goods such as medical machines and their respective parts.

Furthermore, they’re many professionals that have expressed the fact that they are being forced to go back to outdated treatments because of the country’s economic problems. All because it is almost impossible for them to ensure that they are doing the proper running of medical machines in hospitals.

As an example, one can see that Mastectomies were once considered to be the most adequate treatments for women with breast tumors, but in present times radiation treatment is preferred. On the other hand, Venezuela’s doctors are being forced to practice extreme form of mastectomy that not only removes the patient’s breast, but also the lymph node and the underlying chest wall muscle.

In response, the Venezuelan Medical Supply Association sent a letter to the congress advising that the government approved just $250 million in foreign currency for medical supplies, when the country really needed around a $1 billion in order to asses its critical situation.

All in all, Venezuela has seen one of the steepest increases in breast cancer mortality in Latin America, according to a report sponsored by the Pan American Health Organization.


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