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Virtual Reality and Mental Health

Kurt Kennelly

Virtual reality is a is setting the new wave of technology entertainment. VR will change a lot of people lives for the better, however, I believe that it will be harmful for kids and young adults. While virtual reality will allow disabled people to experience life like events that they may otherwise not be capable of doing. However I believe that VR incorporated with video games will be harmful to a growing insecure generation. Young adults will use life simulation games to live an alternative life to their own. People dealing with emotion problems will look to VR as an escape. While this may help in the short term, I believe that mentally ill people will put an extensive amount of time into these virtual worlds and live in them as their own creating long term anxiety problems.

Young adults are suffering from anxiety and depression more than ever. According to the  Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 40 million U.S. adults are suffering from an anxiety disorder and less than 40% of these people seek treatment. Rather than getting treatment these people are looking to alternative ways to feel better specifically through a form of entertainment like a television series or game. VR will become more advanced and affordable in the coming years and as a result be more abundant among all people. 

To combat this issue friends and family need to monitor one another’s mental health and habits. People need to speak up and not be afraid to get help. The longer someone is suffering from a mental health disorder the harder it becomes to fix. VR will be a life changing piece of technology but it needs to be monitored to avoid an increase in an already alarmingly increasing mentally ill population.

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