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Virtual Reality or Virtual Destruction?

A new innovation that will have a major impact on the future of our global society is virtual reality technology. This is an extremely immersive type of reality technology that allows us to simulate real experiences in a virtual world. This virtual world is creating by stimulating vision, hearing and touch senses.

Reality technology will have major positive impacts on society. It will allow for the improved training of doctors, lawyers, military personal and law enforcement officers in increasingly real-life situations. It will allow people to visit and experiences places they normally would not be able to such as exotic places and countries. It will even expand further our ability to communicate and interact with each other across long distances. However, this technology will also have some serious negative impacts on our society. By becoming more involved in a virtual world we will also lose touch with the real world. People will be able to communicate and interact more online but because of this they will interact less in the real world and begin to lose interpersonal skills necessary for success in the business world. It is also important to note that this technology is really expensive so those that cannot afford the technology will be increasingly distanced from those that can. People will even begin to have trouble distinguishing between the real and virtual worlds. There are no rules or laws in the virtual world so it could foster bad habits and cause people to act socially unacceptable when in the real world. Also, users might become too focused on their virtual selves and lose their drive in the real world and stop growing as a person.

The technology will no doubt begin to dominate the gaming world but it will also change how we interact every day and even how business is done. Students may one day learn in virtual classrooms and international business deals may be done in virtual board rooms. Friends will hang out virtually and tourists may take trips around the world from their own living rooms.


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