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Virtual Reality: The Future


Ian Marsteller

Virtual Reality: The Future

A major technological innovation that I see in the horizon is virtual reality. Virtual reality or VR provides a user with a computer generated 3D image that can be interacted with. VR can range from uses such as engineering and design all the way to gaming and entertainment, the possibilities are endless. VR is just starting to take off and it is anticipated that it will expand and adapt such as recent booming technologies like the computer and cellphone. There are possible negative aspects of virtual reality becoming a norm in our society. First off it can lead to cyber sickness, shown as people have reported nausea and neck and eye strain while using virtual reality. Another aspect to consider is that you can’t see anything around you, which could make virtual reality dangerous. On the other hand there are many benefits of virtual reality. VR provides an outlet for patients to cope with their issues that cause them anxiety, such as people afraid of heights or planes. It can also change behavior, demonstrated in an experiment that the VR avatars were altered to look like the users 65 year old self. This lead to the users saving about twice as much money as the other user whose avatar was not altered.

Using VR will impact the way we live work and play. In terms of how we live, virtual reality could lead to less human interaction among people as well as the way we do simple tasks such as eat. Next, virtual reality will affect the way that people work. This is already being demonstrated by NFL teams using virtual reality to prepare themselves for upcoming games. It is a long shot, but it is possible that in the future people do not have to come into work and rather just put on a headset and work with their coworkers through virtual reality. Virtual reality has already had an effect on the way that many people play video games. This trend will continue to increase and new technology is introduced and becomes more affordable.



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