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Virtual Reality – The Next Global Phenomenon

I believe the proliferation of virtual reality is the next technological innovation that will change the global society in a variety of ways. Although virtual reality has been around for quite some time, technological advancements have made it much more ‘real.’ With the introduction of 360-video, virtual reality now has a platform to put users in a real life situation rather than just a computer generated one. These advancements will impact the way we live, work and play.


On a day-to-day basis, as virtual reality becomes more and more popular, it will be increasingly popular in our lives. In the future, people will less frequently need to travel to a doctor’s office for follow up appointments for example, because they can instead use virtual reality. This could also eventually help bring medical care or education to remote areas where it would otherwise be a journey to get medical attention or go to school. Virtual reality will play a large role in the future of news, helping to bring viewers inside of a large news event where they can see for themselves what is happening.


VR will impact training across multiple fields, including driving, medical, military, and law enforcement. New advancements in virtual reality will likely play a role in how business is conducted, especially internationally. Though video teleconferencing is a technology that has allowed companies to grow globally, virtual reality is going to build off that. For instance, for someone working high up in a commercial real estate or construction company, it is impossibly to see what is happening at each site at once. A representative at a location can communicate to an extent what is happening on the ground, but perhaps not enough for the regional supervisor. Give the representative a 360 camera and he or she can allow higher-ups in the company see virtually first hand what it looks like to be there. This is just one example of the many applications for large companies that require oversight.


Virtual reality will most likely influence the way we play the quickest. There are so many gaming and entertainment applications of virtual reality that no doubt will eventually be commonplace. On the virtual side, video game players will be able to turn their head to see what is around them, rather than using a thumb stick. Rollercoasters will create virtual scenery and a storyline to the twists and turns of the ride. The pornography industry will increasingly use the technology to immerse users in the experience. Movie lovers won’t be constrained by a 2D screen anymore, and can be inside an action movie.


Overall, I think virtual reality will have a positive impact on the future of technology because of the verity of functions it has to offer. I believe it will grow in the United States first, but then be another major component bringing the global community closer together. 3D video will become cheaper to produce and increasingly popular as time goes on, and it will only encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

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