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Volkswagen Seeks to Rebuild Trust With U.S. Initiative





Because of Volkswagen’s emission-cheating scandal, the company had gone through a struggling and hard time to facing all kinds of criticism. However, it starts to make an effort to try to win the consumers trust again gradually.

Volkswagen’s U.S representative came out recently announced a series of plan that they are going to do to show their sincerity. One of U.S car dealer said VW will issues two debit cards to owner who were affected by emission crisis: one is cash gift for the costumers, and another one is linked with purchases at a VW dealership. These information is the only one they announced, others will be published in a coming weeks.

The VW scandal was disclosure on Sept. 18 by U.S environmental authorities that VW installed software on about 500,000 diesel-powered cars in U.S to make the car produce less nitrogen-oxide emission in lab test. VW later admitted that they actually installed 11 million vehicles with 4-clinder engines. Moreover, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency later on found out that this software also affect six-cylinder engines and some sport-utility cars. VW was denied first, but they finally decided to work with u.s officials to solve this problem. After investigation, the software not just limit nitrogen-oxide emissions of diesel engines, but it also violates greenhouses-gas emissions and fuel consumption of up to 800,000 cars, and most of them in Europe with about 100,000 cars.

Because of this, the resale prices fallen 13%. VW then said they would cover additional taxes owed by costumers if they were highly taxed on CO2 and fuel. Moreover, they heavily discounting the car sale and offering financial support. VW pays dealers $300 to $600 for each car sold. They even offer $2000 bonuses people who purchased a new gasoline, hybrid or electric vehicle that could not be delivered because of the sales stop.

This article is similar to what we discussed in class– Vioxx case. VW emission scandal is also about ethical problem that the company should not just focus on its own self- interest, it also needs to think of others self-interest. Besides ethical issue, VW also violates the environmental problems. When cheating in the lab test, the environment gets hurt from people, which will pay back as time goes by. Therefore, VW should make the right and ethical decisions make think o others and protect the environment.



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