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Wal-Mart Workers Group Going On Strike for Black Friday

Wal-Mart workers group members are taking their dissatisfaction to the next level, and are going on strike for the 15 days leading up to Black Friday. Protesting minimum wage, benefits, and the ability to work full time, workers are hoping to grab the attention of Wal-Mart and finally get the benefits they have been working for. Over 1,000 Wal-Mart employees all across the U.S. are participating in this protest. Some are going to the extreme and fasting, and others will gather outside stores, office locations, and even the homes of Wal-Mart executives.

Earlier this year, Wal-Mart was in the news for raising its minimum pay to $9.00 an hour; however, this did not appease employees, who are still not able to work full time enough to receive benefits. Wal-Mart spent approximately $1 billion dollars alone because of raising its minimum pay, and plans to raise it again to $10 by February 2016. They also plan to raise the pay for Wal-Mart store managers, from $13.00 dollars an hour to $15.00 next year. The protesters want a $15.00 minimum pay, and are not willing to wait. Wal-Mart is aware of this dissatisfaction; nevertheless, the company claims that raising the minimum wage would cut their profits significantly.

Wal-Mart is correct in that raising the minimum pay to $15.00 an hour would not do them any favors financially, even though they would be appeasing their 2.2 million employees. This action would also set a standard for other stores such as Target, and possibly incite other protests over the same issue. As internal market stakeholders in Wal-Mart, the employees do possess some power, but not all. Ultimately, their jobs can be replaced if they quit, but the fight might not be over even after employees receive $15 an hour.


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