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Welcome to AudioScapes


Students from the Audio Technology Program from the Department of Performing Arts at American University in Washington, DC designed and produced a series of audioscapes highlighting the scenes, characters and dialog from Tap Dancing with Tigers and Dragons. These were professionally recorded at the Kreeger Studios. We hope you enjoy them!

Chief Architect for Audioscape Project:

Prof. Ana Cetina
Director of the Audio Technology Program
Department of Performing Arts
American University


Visit Prof. Cetina’s page at the American University website: http://www.american.edu/cas/faculty/cetina.cfm

Audioscape Playlist :
We have compiled a playlist from our AudioScapes Library

Introducing Carrie Delaney:
Recorded, designed and mixed by: Martin Mikulik and Aaron Groves
Click to listen Introducing Carrie Delaney

Social Signaling:
Recorded, designed and mixed by: Niusha Nawab and Shuyang Kong
Click to listen Social Signaling

A come to Puja meeting:
Recorded, designed and mixed by: Aaron Green, Drew Sher, and Keiran Snow-Dawson
Click to listen A come to Puja meeting

The 2008 Crisis Hits:
Recorded, designed and mixed by: Matt Twiford and Pouria Firouzi
Click to listen The 2008 Crisis Hits

Islands of Change
Recorded, designed and mixed by: Jeanne Hisle and Lisa Weiner
Click to listen Islands of Change