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Welcome to the New Era of Artificial Intelligence (Abdullah Rashid)

By: Abdullah Rashid

Technology has impacted the global society in many positive and negatives ways. Back in Industrial Revolution when the new technologies were introduced to the world, it helped ease the workload, but at the same time, negatively impacted the environment. Industries started to burn more fossil fuels that ended up causing a drastic increase in global warming around the globe. Till today, the consumption rate of the fossil fuels is constant where crude oil is the leading energy source, accounting for 39 percent of fossil energy, followed by coal at 33 percent and natural gas at 28 percent (Ritchie et al.).

Nowadays, everyone relies on their machines to get their tasks done efficiently. The world is entering a new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where machine learning will take upon to perform different specific tasks without receiving any explicit instructions. AI Robotics is one of the biggest technological innovations that I see in the horizon because recently, I have witnessed an autonomous robot, known as TUG robot, working in a hospital 24/7. TUG robot is mainly known for its improved patient care, employee satisfaction, safety, and for its high productivity (“Mobile Robots for Healthcare”). Being more specific, TUG robot was designed to transport and deliver pharmacy medications, laboratory specimens, meals, linens and other environmental services to its designated location. After all the deliveries are done, it goes back to its charging station by itself to charge which could take up to 10 hours, if its battery level is low at the moment. With the help of TUG robot, nurses are now able to spend more time with their patients, allowing them to focus more on practical approaches to patient care. However, at the same time, this new innovation raises the fear of job take-over because they are basically doing the tasks that the nurses are supposed to do. In reality though, the TUG robot was designed to work with the nurses hand-in-hand to assist them in their job. They would not completely take-over the job, however, they could possibly lead to a decline in the demand of nurses at the hospitals.


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