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What Does It Mean To Be A Truly Diverse Company?

Diversity. We, especially as young college students, discuss diversity on a daily basis and hopefully, all of us are aware that a lack of diversity is an issue. Our culture in today’s society encourages diversity in every aspect within our everyday lives. When there is a lack of diversity whether it is the few women who hold executive positions or the all-white Oscar acting nominations, we notice it and our culture condemns it. In Nithin Coca’s article “What Does It Mean To Be A Truly Diverse Company?” the journalist discusses how companies have made the effort to focus on being a diverse and inclusive organization and the question is raised whether or not companies are truly committed to being diverse and inclusive. For companies, diversity has become a way to increase profits because being diverse is their way of adapting to the mindset of the 21st century. So, here is the issue: there seems to be some sort of confusion over what diverse actually means. Coca states that many organizations apply the concept of tokenism to their businesses. Tokenism is when, let’s say; a black person or a female is put in a position to symbolize the companies’ diversity, even though the culture of the company does not change. Tokenism is when companies just showcase diversity. For example, Apple’s diversity statistics show a high number of African-American and Hispanic employees. So, does that mean Apple is a diverse company? Well, when you look at the positions of Apple, you notice that the African American and Hispanic employees work low-wage retail positions and when you look at Apple’s executive positions, it is overwhelmingly white and male. When Apple was presented with a proposal to further diversify its board, the company refused to accept it, showing a lack of commitment to truly diversify the company.

What interests me is that companies diversify to enhance its business reputation. A company’s social reputation and its relationship with its stakeholders are very important in order to succeed. Therefore, companies have a social responsibility to its stakeholders to truly diversify.

Companies need to ensure that diversity is an important factor in every decision they make, because an environment with diverse employees gives the employees the opportunity to interact and learn from each other, enhancing the company’s decisions and providing new perspectives on future company development.



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