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What is Freedom really worth?

What if I told you, that you could bet against someone’s freedom?

This is exactly what Donald Trump, Core Civic Corporation, and The GEO Group are doing today as we speak.  Core Civic Corp. and The GEO Group are two top private prison operators that have been making billions of dollars since 1983 (Mother Jones).  Core Civic alone made 1.9 billion dollars in revenue in 2015 only (Mother Jones).  These two companies feed and profit off of policies that target and incarcerate the poor and people of color (Equal Justice initiative).

The reason I’m discussing this today is because our current President Donald Trump is all for sending more illegal immigrants and poor people to these private prisons (Fox6Now, 2017).  Since election day the stocks of private prison operators have doubled.  Core Civic is up 140% and the Geo Group has risen 98% (Heather Long, 2017).

These companies want to incarcerate people, most of the time innocent people, so they can keep making profit for their company.  My question to you is, Is it ethical to make profit in exchange for an individuals freedom?

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