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Why Leadership Matters in Business

Why Leadership Matters in Business?

Leaders are those who have dreams to chase and make them come true. They are the ones who lead the business world whWarren-G.-Bennis-Vision-Quotes-Imagesere they are well known for their leadership attributes and characteristics, such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

Steve started his Apple Computer Company in his parent’s garage after he dropped out from Standford. He worked with Steve Woz throughout his career. After he launched Apple Computer Company for several years, he got fired from the CEO that he hired. He did not let his dream down. He found another way to do what he truly loves when he started NeXt and Pixar. After Apple bought NeXt, Steve becomes their CEO again. Steve Jobs’s goal was to allow people to have access to computers on their laps.

Mark is another successful entrepreneur where he started building Facebook in his dorm room with a friend. He eventually dropped out of college and take a big risk on investing in Facebook with his own money. Many companies wanted to buy Facebook from him, but he rejected them all. Mark’s goal was to allow peopel all over the world to get access to the Internet.

Both of these leaders provide the products for people to use that can be beneficial in their lives. Now what are you waiting for? Find what you are passionate about and pursue it!




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