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Why read this?


People interested in issues of strategy, corporate (mis)behavior, technology, global business and financial collapse will recognize and connect with the stories of Mike, Wei, Sriram and their firms. Anyone with more than a passing interest in contemporary events – China and India’s rise, new technologies and America’s challenges and opportunities in the 21st century will be drawn into the events and characters in this book. Strong women will identify with Carrie Delaney, Sally Chen and Meera Rajan who share a multi-dimensional authenticity of character and courage that transcends geography and culture. The storytelling assumes a level of intelligence and appetite for complexity on the part of readers that most books dare not. This is brain candy for large pools of intelligent people in the world –who thrive comfortably in a world of sound bites, but relish thinking in paragraphs.

PS: We don’t think people are getting dumber; au contraire they are getting smarter. Smart people love complexity and getting to know flawed characters in intricate plots. Walter White is infinitely more interesting than Richie Cunningham. If you don’t’ think so, Dancing with Tigers and Dragons is not for you…Go in Peace and resume playing with Barney the dinosaur.