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Will AI Make or Break the World As We Know It?

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Artificial Intelligence is and will have significant consequences for global society. Whether these are good or bad is a highly debated topic that many cannot seem to agree on, and the answer is not simple. However, regardless of personal preference, AI is on the rise.

Enhancements to security, and safety are already being implemented via AI. Some cars have software installed in them to actually stop while in motion in order to prevent collision with another car. Facial recognition installed on laptops and other machinery has increased personal, as well as global, security in order to identify that a person truly is who they say they are. There are many more AI advancements on the horizon including “robots” created to complete tasks that humans find unnecessary to complete themselves. Artificial intelligence has clearly already changed the way we drive, log onto our computers and many other things. AI will change the way we do everything in the future and this is both scary and exciting.

Artificial intelligence also effects the global economy. Many people are worried that AI will soon be responsible for everyday jobs, such as self check out kiosks which is already available in many stores. Even though human employees must be present to
fix the machines that are breaking or to give special approval for someone attempting to purchase alcohol (and check their ID), these machines may make it possible for less employees to be hired. AI has the potential to take over many more jobs and this will truly change how people work and may effect the global economy in a negative way.

A massive threat that advancements in artificial intelligence impose on global society is the economic growth resulting from future AI discoveries. This has the potential to result in war or divide throughout the world. Daniel Wagner stated “It is also certain that leading companies in these countries will achieve and maintain an even more noteworthy lead in the global economic arena, granting them a substantial competitive advantage.” He describes how the “small handful of countries with leading AI production” will really effect their countries economy. AI is projected to advance far enough to create stronger militaries and warfare. While a negative outcome is not certain, it is possible that future wars may be the result of AI and that AI weaponry may be extremely destructive.

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