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Will Apple’s Newest Item be an Electric Car?

Is Apple’s newest idea to produce an electric car?

Well, rumor has it that Apple is looking into building an electric car. In fact, Apple just hired Chris Porritt who is a former vice president of Tesla Engineering. Tesla’s are luxurious electric cars that have been becoming the next best thing when it comes to electric cars. Hiring an ex Tesla engineer brings up the suspicion that Apple might be planning an electric card to add to its variety of tech gadgets. Many people are calling Apple Tesla’s graveyard because of the fact that many people move from Tesla over to Apple. Being that the company has been adding “progressive thinkers” to their line up of people involved with the company they have no doubt that whatever Apple has in store is going to be legendary. Rumors have been rolling around that the car might be built in Europe but it is still to soon to know for sure. However, the car will not be driverless, unlike Google’s driverless vehicle.

This topic is relevant to the class because it is an example of how much technology can drive globalization and all of the opportunities that Apple can open up with adding an electric car. Globalization today is a driving factor in almost everything that we do. Even so, our phones have more power than the power that we used to first get to the mood.

In my opinion, I would definitely be interested in Apple’s new electric car field. While I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it, I am extremely interested to see what they are going to come up with. I also firmly believe that they are in fact working on adding an electric car to their repertoire.


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