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Woman ‘Paralyzed With Fear’ After Finding Mouse Sewn Into Zara Dress: Lawsuit

So, how many of you have ever encountered rodent problems in a restaurant or some other aspect of the food industry?

While it is not surprising that rodent infestations occur frequently in the food industry, it may come as a shock to many of you that it can also happen in retail.

A recent Huffington Post article claims that a woman from New York City discovered a mouse sewn into her dress that she had purchased from Zara. This woman, who goes by the name of Cailey Fiesel, found the dead animal carcass after coming across an unusual odor while wearing the dress. She noticed what she thought to be a lose string on the bottom of the dress and when she reached for it, felt a tiny paw scratching against her leg. After having had this unusual experience, Fiesel developed a rash on her leg that was diagnosed as a rodent-born disease.

With all of this in mind, Fiesel’s suit blames the retailer for resulting in significant injuries and emotional distress in addition to rodent infestation. Meanwhile, Zara’s website claims that they hold themselves to high health and safety standards and are committed to ensure that all of their products meet these requirements.

So, my question for all of you is how should Zara move forward to prevent this from occurring in the future and will this involve periodic inspections of the production process?


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