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Workplace Discrimination

By Zoe Parsons / April 7, 2021

Forbes article: “Gender Discrimination Is Still Alive And Well In The Workplace In 2021” By Bryan Robinson (February 2021) https://www.forbes.com/sites/bryanrobinson/2021/02/15/gender-discrimination-is-still-alive-and-well-in-the-workplace-in-2021/?sh=681d0e6c7f1c

Workplace discrimination has been an issue for quite some time, yet gender discrimination, in particular, is alive and well in 2021.

This week in class we discuss the specific Google case study concerning a gender discrimination issue.

According to a 2020 study (from the Forbes article), women in the medical field experience an extensive amount of sexual assault, harassment, inappropriate touching and looks, as well as their gender negatively affecting their career. This study also found that in academics, women are less likely to see a promotion or lose a position due to their gender.

Although gender discrimination is supposedly protected agaisnt in the workplace, this study goes to show it is continously prevalent.

A few facts about gender discrimination agiasnt women:

  • women who show promise early in their academic careers have fewer leadership prospects in the workplace
  • pregnant or nursing women are often fired while taking time off for childbearing
  • women receive less pay, fewer benefits, fewer opportunities or to be passed up for jobs or promotions for which they are well qualified

It is important to realize that although gender discrimination in the workplace affects women’s wages and labor force participation, but it also impacts their health and their families. Women who are let go from work due to pregnancy or motherhood often experience depression. This also effects the health of their child, showing that postpartum depression affects gestation, infant weight, and increased doctor visits. Women who experience workplace discrimination are also at higher risk of suicide.

The question is, how should people help combat gender discrimination, but also how should companies themselves? In my opinion, Intersectionality and implicit bias training would be incredibly helpful to both employers and employees in combating discrimination.

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