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Globalization: Disrupting the Cycle

By: Favour Nerrise

Growing up, my parents instilled a love and passion for traveling in me. Thus, I challenged myself to study abroad in Australia, which exposed me to cultures and experiences other than mine–a critical factor in a rapidly developing world that requires empathy and willingness to understand others. The American Institute for Foreign Study revealed in 2013 that 80% of study abroad students reported that study abroad allowed them to better adapt better to diverse work environments. As a Global Leadership Engineering minor, I am passionate about applying the engineering principles to diversify thinking in leading different groups in a global context, be it through learning a new language or partaking in cultural experiences variant from mine.

Globalization has enabled my family to be more understanding of my experiences as a young Black woman living in the modern world, and to their experiences, encouraged them to bridge the gap in pursuing studies and careers in fields where they’re highly underrepresented. This has been most fortunate as it becomes a source of inspiration for my siblings and me to draw from. My family comes from various countries in Central and North Africa, and in accordance, we typically enforce traditionalism in our practices and livelihood. However, embracing globalization in their way gives us options, as the younger generation, to aim for things not typically discussed within the family, such as a woman becoming an engineer.

Globalization has a massive impact in the U.S., especially in its economic sectors. Currently, globalization afford venture capitalists and other investment entities to expand their reach and resources into foreign markets. This reach can be further seen through the unregarded growth of US companies’ performance. An article by Forbes shows Nike’s steady increase in 100%+ to ~300%, but their performance (not including dividends) skyrocketed to over 34, 000% following their IPO. Globalization is a means to a solution in a society saturated with innovation and fewer long-term results. More importantly, it is a tool to connect people across every barrier under a mission–ensuring the progress of our global society.


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